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new york income tax

Get Details for New York City Income Tax!

New York City is one of the cities in America that have personal income tax. The New York income tax forms are widely available on the internet. People can take this form and fill them and pay their taxes easily. By choosing online tax preparation software method, they can easily get the refund back in just 8-10 days. There are no deductions available and separate credit for the state taxes are also there.


Who all have to Pay New York Income Tax Return?

Every individual who is earning the income and residing in New York City has to pay the personal income tax. Taxpayers who have stayed in NY for a short period of time that is only few days can easily calculate their taxes based on the days they lived in New York City.


Income Tax Deductions in New York City

The New York City income tax is exactly based on the state taxable income. This is gross income less than NY city income tax deduction. Thus there is no specific deduction for the New York City.


How Can You Prove Resident Of New York?

You can prove to be the resident of New York in two ways. Firstly you may be domiciled in New York State and at least 30 days in state during the year. A domicile is a legal thing and it refers to where do you particularly reside. A person can surely change their domicile but only if the person moves somewhere that is not a temporary resident.

Second thing is that you may be a statutory resident of New York. You can be a statutory resident if you have a home in New York like an apartment. If you spend more than 183 days in the state that you can easily get statutory resident. In a narrow exception, any time of a day spent in the state count as a whole day. Travelling days in or out of New York is counted as New York days. People who are not domicile and are not statutory resident can also be taxed. If a person earns a salary or wages, New York source income is the portion of the earning spent in the State.

If you too want to file state taxes in NY using Tax preparation software and get the tax refund fast than you can find the companies online and apply there. Many companies are available online that assist you in the process and helps you in getting New York income tax refund fast.

new york income tax refund